Security Management Systems (SMS) offers a wide range of complete video surveillance solutions and services to protect your business interests.  We design and install both hybrid and digital video solutions that can communicate on your existing network or we can design a network that best suits your needs.  Our solutions can be utilized for live video monitoring locally, as well as, from remote locations.  In addition, we can integrate your video surveillance solution with other physical security solutions to create a single platform for event monitoring and response.

In order to strengthen your overall security profile, SMS can integrate video analytics into a solution.  Video analytics helps identify specific activity and prompt real time alarms and video recording to assist and streamline your surveillance management.  Specific behaviors and activity detection include directional movement, object classification, loitering and people and vehicle counting.


SMS can integrate biometrics to strengthen your security profile.  Examples include fingerprint, hand geometry and face and iris recognition.  Biometric systems identify and compare the user’s biological properties and match them with their user record programmed within the security system.  Used as a standalone reader or in conjunction with a badge/card credential, Biometrics offer a more user-friendly, secure solution.

Biometric security systems have become easier to deploy and manage and have become more affordable.


Access control is a powerful tool that can be used to not only secure your facility but also to manage and track the activity of your employees or personnel.  SMS offers all solution types from standalone systems to enterprise level products which can communicate over a client’s wide area network.  We support all types of card credentials, including smart cards and biometric solution integration.  SMS also integrates surveillance, IP voice systems, intrusion detection and alarm systems to allow for a single command and control point for all your security needs.


During emergencies, it is critical to quickly and accurately notify all personnel of threats, provide instructions, and assess the status of all personnel in real-time.  To effectively and instantly reach a mass audience as well as targeted individuals and groups, organizations now rely on one of their most pervasive assets – the IP network.  SMS delivers enterprise-class,network-centric mass notification and emergency communication systems your organization for physical security, force protection and personnel accountability by partnering with the leading innovators in this area.


SMS designs and implements industry leading intrusion detection systems for physical security.

We are able to integrate the systems with your surveillance and alarm management system to provide video verification alarm management.


As a part of your physical access controlimplementations, SMS can help you design a wired or wireless intercom system for use within a building or group of buildings.  We use both analog and IP solution which can be integrated within your access control/alarm management system.


The Command Center is central to an effective enterprise level integrated security solution. SMS has extensive experience in designing command centers which are both functionally ergonomic and attractive.  By designing the solution around a graphical user interface (GUI), users are provided with an intuitive easy-to-use system that requires minimal system knowledge.  This interface can consist of graphical maps and floor plans with icon driven functionality which streamlines event management and response of disparate systems.  By utilizing this approach, SMS helps our clients streamline their operations and reduce the manpower required to operate their systems.

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