Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

SMS has the ability to provide proactive Critical Infrastructure Monitoring (CIM) Services.  With CIM, you never worry about running out of disk space, or any number of anomaly network conditions.  We monitor the most critical points of your security installation, and in conjunction with remote support, dispatch an engineer to resolve an issue before it becomes a problem.

Far too many times, the Security Director has been put on the hot spot with the situation such as disk space ran out or the system was turned off.  We can detect problems such as these along with many other metrics of the system performance including but not limited to CPU utilizations, disk activity, memory, etc.



  • Proactive Monitoring and Support  (*Requires Remote Support)
  • Hardware Performance Checks
  • Network Performance Checks
  • Application Performance
  • Reporting
  • System Availability
  • Scalable to Hundreds of Network Nodes
  • Email Alert 24/7
  • Case/Incident Management



SMS has a unique market position to provide fully managed physical security services.  Our approach to technology management and monitoring revolves around what we call DDR, Detect, 
etermine and Rescue.


Detect: Driven by automated applications such as CIM services, to determine system health and performance and automatically notify key individuals through email as well as provide visual on-screen notifications in our SNOC.

Determine: Upon visual or email notifications, the SNOC determines how to best handle the situation.

Rescue:  Device is either rescued by remote support, automated processes or by the way of our field technician dispatch and/or through working with our remote support.