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Technologies & Services


Video Surveillance AND Video AnalyticsVideo Surveillance AND Video Analytics

Security Management Systems offers a wide range of complete video surveillance solutions and services to protect your business. We design and install both hybrid and digital video solutions that can communicate on your existing network or we can design one for you... Read More About Our Video Surveillance Solutions.


SMS Biometrics


SMS can integrate biometrics to strengthen your security profile. Examples include fingerprint, hand geometry and face and iris recognition... Read More About Face and Iris Recognition.


SMS Access Control

Access control

Access control is a powerful tool that can be used to not only secure your facility but also to manage and track the activity of your employees or personnel.... Read More .About Access Control Systems


Emergency Notification & Response

Emergency Notification & Response

During emergencies, it is critical to quickly and accurately notify all personnel of threats, provide instructions, and assess the status of all personnel in real
time.... Read More About Emergency Notification .


SMS Intrusion Detection & Alarms

Intrusion Detection & Alarms

SMS designs and implements industry leading intrusion detection systems for physical security... Read More About Intrusion Systems.



SMS Intercom Systems


As a part of your physical access control implementations, SMS can help you design a wired or wireless intercom system for use within a building or group of buildings... Read More About Intercom and Physical Access Controls.



SMS  Command Center

Command Center

The command center is central to an effective enterprise level integrated security solution. SMS has extensive experience in designing command centers which are both functionally ergonomic and attractive... Read More About Designing Your Command Center.