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Remote Support - part of SMS's Managed Services

How Remote Support Works

The process of remote support is initiated by the local user via our online ticketing system or a technician on-site.  A case is recorded into our CRM platform for tracking and documenting resolutions.  Once a case is received, our Tier 1 and Tier 2 support center evaluates each request to see if a local resolution can be determined.  If it is, the resolution is reached and the case is immediately closed.  If the case is determined to be software, it is referred to the manufacturer’s Tier 3 team.    As the diagram below indicates, the process is seamlessly managed via our SNOC to ensure a higher level of customer service.


Product Support Diagram.jpg

Customer Benefits of Support:

  • Faster Resolutions – Reduces incident handling times by up to 95 percent for more complex cases
  • Cost Effective – Reduces technician travel time
  • Higher Quality of Expertise – Highly trained experts a dial away
  • Central Case Management
  • Available Around The Clock
  • Increased First-Call Resolutions up to 70 percent